What are laser projectors? Are they any Good?---Take Dangbei Mars Pro as an example

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It’s been a couple of years since the birth of laser projection. The laser is replacing the lamp and LED and becoming the main source of the projector. Is it a gimmick? What Are They and Are They Any Good? Let's take Dangbei Mars Pro as an example.

New York City, New York Apr 28, 2022 (Issuewire.com) - It's been a couple of years since the birth of laser projection. The laser is replacing the lamp and LED and becoming the main source of the projector. Is it a gimmick? What Are They and Are They Any Good?

Powerful features of laser

A: Long Life Span

The biggest advantage of laser projectors is the service life. A lamp can burn for a lifetime, completely subverting the definition that projector bulbs are consumables. Laser light source life can reach more than 25000 hours. At 10 hours per day, it has a lifespan of up to 8 years, and at least 10 years at 8 hours per day. For a 12,000-lumen bulb, a xenon lamp has a lifespan of about 1,000 hours, and a high-pressure mercury lamp has a lifespan of about 1,500 hours, so they are both consumables.

For lamp projectors with a short lifespan, the cost and effort of post-maintenance are much greater than that of laser projectors. From this point of view, the laser projector is more convenient and the user experience is better.

B: High Brightness

Since the laser light source is a solid-state light source, the stability during use is greatly increased. Compared with the high-pressure mercury lamp of the traditional light bulb machine, the decay period of the brightness of the laser will be longer, the decay of the laser light source will be more stable, and there will be no sudden and large drop in brightness. Compared with ordinary light sources, laser light sources have great advantages in color uniformity and color gamut coverage. The color gamut coverage of the laser can reach more than 90% of the human eye, which is more than twice the coverage of traditional projection.

There is also an LED light source. Although LED is environmentally friendly and harmless, it is not good enough in terms of brightness performance. The laser light source combines the advantages of light bulbs and LED light sources, but avoids the disadvantages of both, and is undoubtedly the best choice for projector light sources.


When it comes to laser projection, people are concerned about two key points---safety and price.

A: Safety

Many projector users are concerned that laser light sources will affect human eyes and vision. Actually, there is some misunderstanding!

First of all, laser projectors, like ordinary projectors, use the diffuse reflection principle for their imaging images, which are reflected on the wall, projecting more natural and soft light. Therefore, compared to TVs, tablets, and cell phones, which are direct light, laser projectors are much less harmful to the eyes. In addition, the larger the screen size, the audience will unconsciously lean back in watching, the eyes are likely to produce fatigue. I believe we all have this experience in the theater, facing the large screen, we do not like to sit in the front row, preferring to sit in the middle of the position. The laser projector generally has a hundred inches of the large screen, we certainly will not come to the screen to see, in fact, more healthy for the eyes.

However, the laser beam has certain damage to the human eye. When the laser irradiates the human eye, we will feel uncomfortable, so try to avoid the direct laser beam. At present, most laser projectors or laser TV products support an anti-direct-sighted design, and the projection lens will automatically reduce the brightness or shut down when it senses the blockage. For example, Dangbei Mars Pro, as a representative of the laser projector, adopts the Smart screen off function. When someone is close to the projector light source, it will instantly shut down the screen to avoid direct light to the eyes. In addition, the projector adopts the principle of diffuse reflection imaging, which can reduce eye irritation and make it easier to watch movies for a long time.

B: Price

Due to the advantages of the laser light source, its cost is also very high. This is why the price of laser projectors on the market is relatively high. Since laser light source is the mainstream trend of projectors in the future, projector manufacturers will definitely strive to reduce the cost of laser light sources to gain a larger market. Then the laser projector is more available to the users.

To sum up, the laser is almost the perfect light source for projectors. And it would definitely become the trend of the future projectors market. Thus, the laser projectors are the most worthy for now and future.

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