Compared to EPSON and BenQ, what are the advantages of newly smart projectors---take Dangbei Mars Pro as an example?

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Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector home smart projector

When it occurs to projectors, classic brands like EPSON and BenQ appear first at an irreplaceable position. While there emerging a bunch of new intelligent projectors. What are differences between a traditional lamp projector and a smart projector?

New York City, New York Apr 26, 2022 ( - When it occurs to projectors, classic brands like EPSON and BenQ appear first at an irreplaceable position. Due to more than ten years of brand sedimentation, people subconsciously take them as the benchmark. While there emerging a bunch of new brands that release several revolutionarily intelligent projectors. Here comes some questions: When I plan to buy a projector, which one should I go for? What are the differences between a traditional lamp projector and a smart projector? What are the advantages of a smart projector?


The first that should be clarified is that the classic projectors are categorized as lamp projectors. Then the first difference is clear---the light source. 

Traditional lamp light source mainly uses high-pressure mercury lamp or xenon lamp as the light source.

Advantages: high brightness, excellent color performance, mature technology, low cost, and easy to replace.

Disadvantages: short life, serious heat, short future development prospects.

While the newly-released smart projectors usually adopt LED even laser as the light source.

LED light source, also known as light-emitting diode light source, is a cold light source, which is the main projection light source used in intelligent micro-projection.

Advantages: long life, energy-saving, environmental protection, stability, light, and small portable.

Disadvantages: lack of brightness and color, not easy to replace.

Laser light source is the use of the photoelectric effect so that the excited state particles under the action of exciting radiation light source. Smart micro projectors are also gradually adopting this light source, such as the Dangbei Mars Pro laser projector. Dangbei Mars Pro adopts DLP display technology and uses ALPD laser as the light source with a long lamp life of more than 20,000 hours.

Advantages: high brightness, excellent color performance, low energy consumption, high stability, long life, small size.

Disadvantages: high cost, immature development.

To summarize, although the traditional lamp light source is better in terms of brightness and color, the short life span and the shortcomings of heat generation cannot be ignored.

The LED light source, although not as bright and colorful as it could be, has become the mainstream of the projector industry because of its long life and the possibility of making projectors smaller and more convenient.

The laser light source is almost the perfect light source, combining all the advantages of the traditional lamp light source and LED light source, but the development is limited due to the high cost. In the future, laser light sources will become the mainstream projection light source.

Then is about some basic but vital parameters--- Brightness.

Brightness is an extremely important factor for a good projector. In order of brightness, lamps are brighter than LEDs, and laser projectors can deliver higher brightness (up to 30,000 lumens or more). Even when projecting during the day, there is no compromise in brightness, color saturation, and image quality. Laser projectors are not only suitable for home theaters, but also perform well in theaters, schools, outdoor projection exhibitions, and other spaces where large-format projection is required. Therefore, laser projector technology is ahead of LED projectors and is one of the fastest-growing industries in the professional a / v sector. The most impressive point of Dangbei Mars Pro is undoubtedly its brightness--- 3,200 ANSI lumens. The brightness above 2000 ANSI lumens is still not common in projectors, not to mention 3,200 ANSI lumens. To conclude, the laser can reach the same high brightness as the lamp source, but it saves a lot of troubles like frequent bulb changing and high noise and heat.


Last but most obvious is the built-in system and intelligent automatic functions.

With the development of technology and various demands of projector users, the built-in system and automatic functions are becoming more and more necessary. The connections between different devices like cell phones, laptops, and projectors are unavoidable. While the traditional lamp projectors mostly do not support such interactions. The advantages of smart projectors are exceptionally noticeable. Take Dangbei Mars Pro as an example.

Dangbei Mars Pro supports so many connections. Except for various ports including 2 USB 2.0 interfaces, 2 HDMI interfaces, 1 S/PDIF interface, 1 RJ45 LAN, and 1 3.5 mm Earphone port, compatible with various devices, including computers, TV Boxes, game players, etc. In addition, its built-in 4G RAM and 128G ROM ensure a smooth operation and large memory.

The memory is designed for its built-in system, which is also lacking in traditional lamp projectors. With a built-in system, the projector itself can act as an independent player. Dangbei Mars Pro laser projector operates on Android 9.0, enabling users to access plenty of content resources.

In addition, some intelligent features are also a highlight of the smart projector. Dangbei Mars Pro features the Real-time Autofocus, Keystone correction, which saves the time-consuming and annoying manual adjustment. And also, the Intelligent Screen Alignment will intelligently capture the screen frame and align the image, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual adjustments. You do not need to move its position to get the correct picture.

To sum up, the newly smart projectors will become the mainstream in the future. Classic projectors suppliers like EPSON and BenQ are also turning their shift to more intelligent functions.

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