Dangbei X3 laser projector review: what does 3200 ANSI lumens brightness mean?

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Dangbei held a spring launch event and introduced Dangbei X3 Laser Projector, the brightest projector on the market. The 3200 ANSI lumens are almost 1000 ANSI lumens above the brightness of mainstream projectors. What does this brightness mean?

New York City, New York Apr 18, 2022 (Issuewire.com) - In early April 2021, Dangbei held a spring launch event and introduced the Dangbei X3 Laser Projector, the brightest projector on the market today. The 3200 ANSI lumens are almost 1000 ANSI lumens above the brightness of mainstream projectors on the market. What does this brightness mean? What is the value? Will it be harsh to use in a dark environment?

You do not need to pull the curtain in the daylight environment when watching videos!

Regards of the brightness of a projector, there is one thing that left an impression on me. Before, one of my friends told me that he wanted a large screen for films. So I presented him with a projector as a birthday gift. After several weeks, I went to this home but found that he didn't use it anymore. The reason is: that he cannot see the projection image clearly in the daylight without pulling the curtain but it was so inconvenient for him to do other stuff with the curtain covered.

"Not clear during the day, too harsh at night", this is exactly the reason why many consumers have hesitations about buying projectors. How to adapt to different light environments, has become a major brand focus on solving the problem, especially now the mainstream products have basically solved the screen correction and autofocus difficulties.

Dangbei X3 offers a great solution - 3200 ANSI lumens brightness + intelligent brightness. What exactly the 3200ANSI lumens is? Here are several mainstream projectors are known as high-brightness: Xgimi H3SOBE X11JMGO J10 the brightness of them are 2200ANSI lumens2300ANSI lumens2400ANSI lumens. We can tell that the brightness of Dangbei X3is almost 1000ANSI lumens higher than all of these three.

Anyone who has experience with projectors knows that as long as it is not antique or miscellaneous products, the mainstream products nowadays have enough brightness to guarantee as long as they are in a relatively dim light environment. The trouble lies mainly in the daytime, especially in some homes without curtains. And many parents believe that looking in the dark can be damaging to a child's vision.

The above pictures are both taken in the same room with the curtains closed and open during the day. You can see that the picture below is a bit "white", but this is the physical change after the superposition of light, the display effect is still relatively clear. From the test results, in a well-lit room, neither the indoor ambient light during the day nor the normal lighting at home at night will have much effect on the quality of the projected picture of Dangbei X3.

Smart Brightness---No dazzling at night

Of course, the viewing and picture quality is certainly not as good as full black or low light environment. This brings us to another issue - whether it is harsh at night. As I mentioned before, many projectors now have a brightness of more than 2000 ANSI lumens, which may not be sufficient during the day, but at night, especially in a completely black environment, it can be harsh on the eyes. If the projection distance is relatively close, it will be more serious. The current solution for most products is to offer multiple stops of brightness to choose from. While this is a good design, it also makes the projector more difficult to operate.

And Dangbei X3 takes this into account. In addition to providing brightness levels, a light sensor has been added to the top of the body, which, to a large extent, solves the problem of all-day use. The system will be based on the ambient light, on top of the user-set gear, and then fine-tuned to provide a better brightness output.

In practice, the Dangbei X3 can accurately adapt to the ambient light without manual intervention, both during the day and at night. If you still feel bright or dark, you can also try to make adjustments to the brightness level to get a good viewing experience in all scenes.

The X3's top cover is made of 2.5D glass, a material that is common on smartphone screens but is extremely rare on projectors. With the breathing light power button, the night is a bit more embellished, and also very easy to operate. As mentioned earlier, the Dangbei X3 has a brightness of 3200 ANSI lumens and is the first home projection on the market to use an ALPD laser as a light source. In addition, Dangbei X3 is equipped with a flagship TV chip, MT9669, which automatically optimizes picture saturation, brightness, and clarity. The AI enhancement technology support allows it to intelligently identify more accurately and highlight the details of the film, as well as to reel in and out of numerous scenes. To test the Dangbei X3, I prepared some high-bitrate Blu-ray sources. Dangbei X3's AI Perfect Color Engine Pro coupled with HDR10+ High Dynamic Decoding does make the picture quality more dazzling and detailed.

From the parameters, Dangbei X3 uses TI DLP technology, 0.47-inch Full HD DMD, an internal square lens, and a display resolution of 1080P. more important or autofocus and automatic keystone correction square are not convenient.

In this regard, Dangbei X3 uses the TOF laser module + camera CMOS module + the latest architecture algorithm. Simply put, it is fully automatic. No matter where it is placed, whether it is facing the wall or not; whether the projector is placed horizontally or not; whether there are obstacles on the wall (such as switches), it can complete the keystone correction and auto-focus work. 

The Dangbei X3 automatically completes the keystone correction and focusing process every time it is turned on or motion is detected. If you have a curtain at home, it will also automatically recognize the curtain and match it accurately.

Of course, the Dangbei X3 also has small configuration shortcomings - no USB 3.0 interface. This is because the MT9669 itself does not support it. If you are the kind of user I mentioned earlier, who needs to play high bitrate 4K Blu-ray sources on an external hard drive every day, then you may experience playback lag because the transfer rate is not fast enough.

The biggest value of the Dangbei X3 is undoubtedly the brightness, which solves the obstacle of using the projector in a light environment. You don't have to make your home blacked out for picture effects, and you don't have to worry about damaging your eyesight by watching movies in a dim environment.

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