City Officials to Discuss Exposure Concerns to Leaded Aviation Fuel

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A Wisconsin-based newspaper recently published an article about the second largest air emissions of lead that took place in one of Wisconsin's counties. The town board members are listening to experts who raised concerns about potential hazards to humans and the environment from leaded aviation gasoline (avgas) used at a Wisconsin airport. According to the article, the airport is the second-largest source of lead emissions in the county.  According to the Department of Natural Resources, leaded fuel is used by most of the piston-driven aircrafts at the airport, and their emissions account for 217 pounds of lead annually.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported that avgas is a specialized fuel used to power piston engine aircrafts. Aviation gasoline is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons that vary widely in their physical and chemical properties. Aviation gasoline is used in planes for everything from business and personal travel to instructional flying, aerial surveys, agriculture, firefighting, law enforcement, medical emergencies, and express freight purposes.

Back in 2019, the FAA published Leaded Aviation Fuel and the Environment. In the fact sheet, tetraethyl lead (TEL), the organic compound in avgas that contains lead to boost octane, is discussed in-depth. The agency stated that although TEL was banned from automotive gasoline entirely in 1986, it has not yet been banned in avgas because no operationally safe alternative is currently available.

“Concerns have been raised across the country by airport workers and nearby residents of airports that have large numbers of piston-engine aircrafts, due to the fear of inhaling lead from aircraft exhausts and soil contamination issues,” said Joe Frasca, Senior Vice President of Marketing at EMSL Analytical, Inc. “In the FAA's fact sheet, it states that all forms of lead are toxic if inhaled or ingested. EMSL's network of laboratories, located across the United States and Canada, offers lead testing services for air, soil, and water samples. These laboratory services are available to regulatory agencies, airport administrators, environmental advocates, and the public to help determine if lead exposure risks exist.”

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