Blockchain Opens a New Chapter in Southeast Asian's Capital Market History; MnI is the Future Leader of Asset Tokenisation in Southeast Asia

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Feb. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Singapore and Indonesia has always been great supporters of blockchain. In August 2017, the Central Bank of Singapore and the Financial Supervisory Authority of Singapore made it clear that digital tokens are considered legally required securities and will be subject to the same legal regulations as stocks, bonds, business trust units and derivatives in power. In January 2018, Bank of Indonesia (BI) announced plans to launch its own digital currency relying on blockchain technology, with the aim of becoming the first country in the world to issue digital currencies. BI's friendly attitude towards blockchain has also encouraged other Indonesian banks to explore the possibility of deploying blockchain technology in their systems.

The Philippine government approved the Digital Asset Token Issuance (DATO) regulations through the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority. Thailand allow legalisation of ICOs, showing a very positive attitude towards the development of the blockchain. and the Bank of Thailand plan to use blockchain technology for cross-border payments.The blockchain industry has become an emerging power in Southeast Asia after the Internet, artificial intelligence, and financial technology industries, and Southeast Asia is considering blockchain industry as the focus of development.

As blockchain industry has gained significant attention and achievements in Southeast Asia, and the Southern Asian government have shown essential support to the development of blockchain, it is more than obvious that Southeast Asia is the new popular blockchain investment destination.

Tokenisation, a new wave in the business market

In an increasingly digital and global world, traditional ways of transferring and trading assets is too time consuming, needless to mention those assets that are difficult to physically transfer, divide and track. In comparison, digitised traditional assets can be more conveniently and more secured to trade, manage and operate. And this is why asset tokenisation is becoming increasingly popular.

Based on the nature of token, by splitting up real-world assets and converting them into their digital equivalent on the blockchain, tokenisation can make assets essentially exchangeable via a blockchain-based system. It can also allow innovators trade a fraction of the assets, without the limitation of time and space, and in the meantime, create a whole new market of liquidity. Moreover, through the blockchain technology and smart contract technology, regulatory can be simulated on the blockchain throughout the operation.

Tokenisation is having a strong impact on financial markets. According to reports, leading stock exchanges such as NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange and SIX Swiss Exchange are already exploring ways to leverage tokenised securities to transform their operations, while Gibraltar Stock Exchange has begun the process to allow financial firms to list blockchain-based securities, and the operator of the stock exchange in Seychelles became the world first national stock exchange to list a tokenised security. In the real estate industry, British real estate start-up company Smartlands connected the real economy to blockchain and became a global platform for tokenisation of assets in the real economy. In 2019, Smartlands made the first tokenised real estate sale in the UK.

Tokenisation is offering a unique opportunity for startups and enterprises to adopt emerging business models and technologies, and is leading in the digital transformation of capital markets, fulling demonstrating its promising future.

Who is MnI and how does it work?

Being the first of its kind, MnI combines blockchain technology and digitalisation with the conventional business. MnI is a blockchain based business with an unique business model that makes full use of tokenisation. By incorporating conventional business in the mining and infrastructure sectors into a diversified pool, MnI shares and spreads risk and profits. It is linked to a blockchain and uses Mandi token as a form of shareholding, allowing token holders to benefit not only from their token holdings and market appreciation but derives a profit from the combined companies MnI invests in.

Based in Indonesia and taking advantage of the rich mineral resources, MnI has been exploring cooperations with companies in related fields. Till now, MnI has established strong strategic partnership with companies in mining, hospitality, infrastructure and commercial property industries, such as PT.TENAGA RESOURCES PT, PT MULTI ENERGY SUMBER ARTHA, PT.GRAHACIPTA ASRITAMA MANDIRI and PT SUKSES INTISEHAT BERJAYA, with various projects undergoing and worth looking into.

MnI acts nearly as a venture capital, applying real world conventional standards to all opportunities it evaluates, while Mandi token and any funds generated from Mandi as a form of investment/ownership to the token holders of the total combined affiliated projects. Essentially each strategic partner acts independently just like an ordinary listed company on a stock exchange but the unique difference is that Mandi becomes the only tradable share utilising the revenues and values created by each individual affiliated project engaged in by MnI.

Thanks to tokenisation, the robust and well supported ecosystem created by MnI will allow all MnI affiliates and entities accept payments, transactions and adoption, and enable Mandi token holders to use Mandi payments in the MnI ecosystem. In addition, the MDI tokens will be redeemable for services, goods and products from all MnI affiliates.

Why MnI?

The complete ecosystem created by MnI can ensure a conventional monetary and business flow within the digital blockchain space, which is a solid guarantee of all Mandi token holders benefiting from their token holding.

More importantly, as the pioneer of CDC (Conventional Digital Convergence), MnI ensures token holders fund share allocated to profit generating activities and directly translates to token market price increase and additional profit sharing to all token holders. This provides liquid, secure, transparent, accessible, efficient and greater ROI to all investors and creates a truly digital share certificate while utilising blockchain tokenising structures.

In the age of tokenisation, in the vast potential land of Southeast Asia, MnI, is an undeniable shining new star. We are looking forward to its bright future of utilising tokenisation to stimulate the development of conventional business and becoming the forerunner in the digitalisation revolution. 

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