The Science Behind NaturalVue’s Neurofocus Optics® Technology Presented at American Academy of Optometry

US-based medical device company and manufacturer of the NaturalVue® (etafilcon A) Multifocal 1 Day Contact Lenses Visioneering Technologies, Inc (ASX: VTI) (‘Visioneering’ or ‘the Company’) will be presenting the science behind the NaturalVue® Multifocal (etafilcon A) 1 Day Contact Lens with a poster on Friday, October 25. The poster, entitled “Instantaneous Power Profiles vs Sagittal Power Profiles of Various Center Distance Multifocal Lenses” was authored by Rosa Lee, MS, Peg Achenbach, OD, FAAO, Jim Schwiegerling, PhD. Authors Rosa Lee and Dr. Peg Achenbach will be on-hand to share insights from the data from 10:00am to noon (Poster #54).

The patent for the design of the NaturalVue Multifocal lens describes the optics of this unique, extended depth of focus lens in terms of instantaneous power. While familiar to many specialists, instantaneous power may be less familiar to the broader community. Partnering with Lambda-x, a customized algorithm was developed using the fundamental concepts of differential geometry to describe the instantaneous power profile of the contact lenses.

The scientific community uses two methods of expressing the power profile in a lens design:

  • Sagittal (also called axial or radial)
  • Instantaneous (also called tangential)

Both methods of description are useful in creating and describing lens designs, but provide different information and are used for different purposes. The poster concluded that understanding the optical design of multifocal contact lenses may help predict how it may act on eye, because not all center distance, center near, or extended depth of focus lenses are created the same way. This experiment showed that it is not enough to look at the power difference between the periphery of the optical zone and the center of the lens to estimate the ADD of a lens, the entire profile is important to help determine the performance of the lens. While sagittal power describes a wavefront as it intersects the optical axis, instantaneous power allows us to assess the “true focus,” by describing the wavefront without forcing the focal point to fall on the optical axis.

About Visioneering Technologies Inc.

Visioneering Technologies Inc. (ASX: VTI) is an innovative eye care company committed to redefining vision. Headquartered in the US, Visioneering designs, manufactures, sells and distributes contact lenses. Its flagship product is the NaturalVue® Multifocal contact lens, and VTI has expanded its portfolio of technologies to address a range of eye care issues. The company has grown operations across the United States, Australia and Europe and is expanding into Asia with a focus on markets with high rates of myopia.



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