Bebida Beverage Company Salutes Long-Term Shareholders as CEO Works to Build Brand, Partnerships and Launch of Direct Response Advertising Platform

STATESVILLE, NC -- (Marketwired) -- 07/07/15 -- Bebida Beverage Company (OTC: BBDA) BeBevCo, a developer, manufacturer, marketer of relaxation, energy drinks and liquid dietary supplements CEO offers the following shareholder update:

Greetings Everyone. Its July 6, 2015.

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday weekend! This weekend we celebrated the birth of our beautiful country 239 years old! Through all these years my how has our country changed and grown in virtually every aspect: transportation, communication, homes, jobs, clothing, travel, speech and everything else! Many try to divide us as nation through religion, social status, race, sexuality, geography and anything they can latch on to create havoc in our society. I am eternally hopeful that we can find the way to push towards living with peace and hope as our guides and not fear and anger.

Something that hasn't changed that much is the idea that if you have faith and ambition, and apply it to effort, you can accomplish your goals, whether it's being a new free independent nation or building a global brand in a new category of drinks, like we are here at Bebida.

Well friends it has not been 239 years but it has been 2104 days today that our product KOMA Unwind was born. In these years we also have gone through amazing changes with plenty of good days and bad days but like our country we are still here growing, learning and moving forward working through adversity tough economic times, changes in personnel and about every other thing that happens in business. (And quite frankly things that are not believable in business) with that said my passion and faith have wobbled by they have never wavered.

Over this last year we have overcome some incredible situations but we continue to move forward. Like a fog lifting on a lake I have come to realize that our mission my mission must not waiver and continue until we have met our goals and solidified our legacy in the world. It has been more and more clear to me that KOMA Unwind is changing the world!

It has become absolute that KOMA Unwind is not just a Lifestyle drink for fun and relaxing but KOMA Unwind has and will be a life changing drink. So many who have found us have written letters to us, recovered alcoholics, Insomniacs so many who over use prescriptions meds and illegal drugs have found our product to be their savoir this is not just profound and motivating but also reiterates that we carry the obligation to share the news with everyone everywhere we can ! And we will!

Since the spring, we have navigated through an FDA letter and packaging changes that have been made to be in compliance. A stall on our new website was also involved as the FDA considers a website a marketing tool and much like a label on a can. Complicating these matters were KOMA Unwind in USA is packaged and marketed differently than in other countries coming into the picture this year so finding the way to share the story globally as well as domestically can now continue and should be completed very soon.

The 2015 season for our KOMA Unwind Modified madness series has shown to be very positive on regional sales as the format allows us to build brand loyalty leverage retail partners, support good causes and give out plenty of samples throughout the region, Not to mention having a 30 minute TV show episode feature us and show it in 36 TV markets around the country.

My efforts continue daily to put together the resources to launch the Cheech and Chong brands drinks and Ice Cream but as I have always said I cannot do that project solely with the Bebida Beverage funding.

I know and hear daily from investors that they have ideas and read all over online blogs and websites about, stock dilution, dumping stock and hateful and misleading information. Let me be very clear about this: Bebida Beverage Company has institutional investors who have for years invested in notes with the company. These notes are then converted into stock when payment is due if the company cannot make cash payment. During the growth stage this is often the case. In some cases the note holder will reinvest money he raises above his original investment if it exists. This is what capitalizes our growth. These type notes as well as restricted stock purchases are available to anyone wishing to be part of our continued growth.

In the last 6 months I have signed NDA's with several of the biggest beverage and non-beverage companies in the country and have been traded information regularly. We are on the radar for acquisition or major partnership with several of them. This is both exciting and scary at times but I will continue to lean on my Team, friends and family for what is best to accomplish our ultimate goals.

Starting in August through the holiday's we will be shifting our marketing efforts toward TV with Direct Response commercials. These projects will be targeted to markets that have not been penetrated enough in the USA. They will be very informative but also give consumers the BUY now option driving an increase in sales. The challenges that exists today are the same that existed 5 years ago. Not enough people have heard of Relax drinks or KOMA Unwind so we aim to continue to change that! "Drinks in hand" through free drinks and sampling has been the motto for over a year. Now its "Drinks on TV and in the mail," we will also continue trying to find that celebrity lightning rod who not only loves our drink but needs our drink to manage their stress, anxiety or poor sleep and can join and share the passion we all have here. While this is going on we will continue to nurture and grow our existing distribution partners and retailers alike. Furthermore we will have more exciting news about additional retail partners joining the relaxation revolution this summer!

We all here at Bebida Beverage Company thank you for your continued support and investment in our mission. "Every Day in Business matters!" Just like every penny invested also matters!

Thank you.

Brian Weber
CEO Bebida Beverage Company

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About BeBevCo:

BeBevCo (Bebida Beverage Company) develops manufactures and markets liquid relaxation products including, KOMA Unwind® Liquid Relaxation®, KOMA Unwind® Sugar-free Liquid Relaxation®, and KOMA Unwind Liquid Relaxation Shots®, as well as POTENCIA Energy, POTENCIA BLAST Energy Shots and Relax 5 Shots.

KOMA Unwind® currently garnishes over 75 percent of brand awareness in the rapidly expanding relaxation drink category in the United States. Additionally, KOMA Unwind® has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, Bloomberg News, the Wall Street Journal, Women's Health and many other publications.

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