VelocityShares Announces Launch of Three Emerging Market DR ETFs

VelocityShares LLC, developer of exchange traded products for sophisticated investors, announced the launch of three emerging market depositary receipt (DR) exchange traded funds (ETFs) on the NASDAQ Stock Market LLC. Each ETF seeks investment results that correspond generally to the performance, before fees and expenses, of its index.

Exchange Traded Fund Ticker Index
VelocityShares Emerging Market DR ETF EMDR BNY Mellon Emerging Market DR Index
VelocityShares Emerging Asia DR ETF ASDR BNY Mellon Emerging Asia DR Index
VelocityShares Russia Select DR ETF RUDR BNY Mellon Russia Select DR Index

“As investors look to further diversify their portfolios there is increased interest in emerging market equities, and American Depositary Receipts (“ADRs”) and Global Depositary Receipts (“GDRs”) enable investors to access emerging market equities with the comfort of developed market securities regulation.” said Nick Cherney, Chief Investment Officer and co-founder of VelocityShares.

Depositary receipts are issued by a bank that purchases shares of a non-U.S. company and issues shares based on the foreign holdings. ADRs are depositary receipts that trade on a U.S. exchange and thus are subject to registration and disclosure requirements under the Securities Acts of 1933 and Securities Exchange Act of 1934, each as amended. GDRs are similar to ADRs, but may be issued in bearer form and are typically offered for sale globally and held by a foreign branch of an international bank.

An investor should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the Fund carefully before investing. To obtain a prospectus containing this and other information, please call 1-866.675.2639 or download the file from Read the prospectus carefully before you invest. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

RISKS: There are risks involved with investing, including possible loss of principal. Investing in the ETFs involves foreign investment risks, including political and economic risk, depositary receipt risks, equity risks, sector risks and non-correlation risks. ETFs focusing on a single country, sector and/or funds that emphasize investments in smaller companies may experience greater price volatility. Investments in emerging markets include additional risks. Due to the investment strategy of the ETFs they may make higher capital gain distributions than other ETFs. ETFs are subject to risk similar to those of stocks including those regarding short selling and margin account maintenance. Investments in depositary receipts may be less liquid than the underlying shares in their primary trading market and may negatively affect the Fund’s ability to replicate the performance of the Underlying Index. Index returns do not represent fund returns. The funds have limited operating history. Please see prospectus for discussion of risks.

The funds are not insured by the FDIC; are not guaranteed bank deposits; and are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of principal. Ordinary brokerage commissions apply.

Shares are not individually redeemable. Investors buy and sell shares of VelocityShares Emerging Markets Depositary Receipts ETF, the VelocityShares Emerging Asia Depositary Receipts ETF and the VelocityShares Russian Select DR ETF (together, the “ETFs”) on a secondary market. Only Authorized Participants may trade directly with the ETFs, typically in blocks of 50,000 shares.

BNY Mellon is a corporate brand of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation and may be used as a generic term to reference the corporation as a whole or its various subsidiaries. BNY Mellon and BNY Mellon ADR Index are service marks owned by The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. This information is provided for general purposes only and is not investment advice. BNY Mellon provides no advice nor recommendations or endorsement with respect to any company, security or products based on any index licensed by BNY Mellon. BNY Mellon does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness and/or completeness of BNY Mellon ADR Index, or any associated indices, or any data included therein, and BNY Mellon shall have no liability for any errors, omissions, or interruptions therein. BNY Mellon makes no express or implied warranties, and expressly disclaims all warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use with respect to BNY Mellon ADR Index or any associated indices, or any data included therein, or any materials derived from such data. BNY Mellon does not undertake any obligation to update or amend this information or data. Without limiting any of the foregoing, in no event shall BNY Mellon have any liability for any special, punitive, indirect, or consequential damages (including lost profits), even if notified of the possibility of such damages.

ALPS Advisors, Inc. is the investment adviser to the VelocityShares Emerging Markets Depositary Receipts ETF, the VelocityShares Emerging Asia Depositary Receipts ETF and the VelocityShares Russian Select DR ETF (together, the “ETFs”). ALPS Portfolio Solutions Distributor, Inc. is the distributor of ETFs. ALPS is not affiliated with BNY Mellon or VelocityShares.

"VelocityShares" and the VelocityShares logo are trademarks of VelocityShares Index & Calculation Services, a division of VelocityShares, LLC.

This site is for informational purposes only. Neither VelocityShares Index & Calculation Services, VelocityShares, LLC (together, “VelocityShares”) nor any other party makes any representation or warranty, express or implied, to the owners of any securities which may be linked, or which may be valued with reference to, any VelocityShares index, or members of the public regarding the advisability of investing in such securities generally or the similarities or variations between the performance of the index and the performance of such underlying securities.

VelocityShares is the licensor of certain trademarks, service marks and trade names of VelocityShares LLC and of certain Indices, which are determined, composed and calculated by VelocityShares without regard to the issuer of the any securities which may be linked to such indices. Neither VelocityShares nor any other party guarantees the accuracy and/or the completeness of the indices or any date included therein. VelocityShares disclaims all warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose with respect to the indices or any data included therein.

Nothing herein constitutes a solicitation, offer or recommendation by VelocityShares or its affiliates to buy or sell securities. VelocityShares does not render investment, tax, accounting or legal advice. Investors should review the prospectus for each security and make their own investment decisions based on their specific investment objectives and financial position and after consulting independent tax, accounting, legal and financial advisors.

About VelocityShares

VelocityShares™ is a leader in designing exchange-traded products and volatility-based strategies for institutional investors. The team is focused on developing innovative products that provide sophisticated investors with long-term investment strategies and short-term risk management instruments.

VelocityShares is dedicated to providing investors with intelligent solutions for portfolio and trading risk management. The firm’s success results from delivering innovative, efficient, and insightful products for a wide range of investors. The team has significant experience across asset classes on both the buy- and sell-sides of the financial markets. Employing that combined knowledge and insight enables the development and delivery of innovative products.

The VelocityShares Group includes VLS Securities LLC, a US-registered broker-dealer and wholly owned subsidiary of VelocityShares LLC.

About ALPS

A wholly owned subsidiary of DST Systems, Inc., headquartered in Denver with offices in Boston, New York, Seattle, and Toronto, ALPS is a 28-year-old financial services firm focused on asset servicing and asset gathering. With more than 400 employees, over 200 clients, and an executive team that has been in place for over 18 years, ALPS continues to actively promote all of its various business segments, from asset servicing through ALPS Fund Services, Inc. to asset gathering through ALPS Portfolio Solutions Distributor, Inc. and ALPS Advisors, Inc. As of December 31, 2012, the firm managed more than $8.25 billion in assets and provided servicing to more than $377 billion in client assets. For more information about ALPS and the services available, visit www., and for additional information about ALPS products, visit

About BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon and BNY Mellon ADR Index (“BNYM Index Marks”) are service marks of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates or group companies (“BNY Mellon”) and have been licensed for use for certain purposes by ALPS. ALPS’ products based on the BNYM Index Marks named above are not sponsored, endorsed, sold, recommended or promoted BNY Mellon, and BNY Mellon does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, to the purchasers or owners of the products or any member of the public regarding the advisability of investing in financial products generally or in these products particularly, the ability of the indexes named above to track market performance or the suitability or appropriateness of the products for such purchasers, owners or such member of the public. The relationship between BNY Mellon, on one hand, and ALPS on the other, is limited to the licensing of certain service marks and trade names of BNY Mellon, and the BNYM Index Marks are determined, composed and calculated by BNY Mellon without regard to ALPs or their products. BNY Mellon has no obligation to take the needs of ALPS or the purchasers or owners of their products into consideration in determining, composing or calculating the indexes named above. BNY Mellon is not responsible for, nor has participated in, the determination of the timing of, prices at, or quantities of the products to be issued or in the determination or calculation of the equation by which the products are to be converted into cash. BNY Mellon has no obligation or liability in connection with the administration, marketing or trading of the products.


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