Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Discusses Evidence Based Rehab Effectiveness

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Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, based in Hakalau, HI, recently published an article about using evidence backed practices for treatment in rehab. The staff and ownership at the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab would like to highlight their embrace of evidence based treatments, which address a variety of conditions and allow them to offer treatment that produces consistently successful outcomes.

The newly released guide highlights the ways that evidence-based practices have become more widely embraced at their facilities. Generally, their team makes it clear to clients how the adoption of such effective methods can benefit their own treatments. The National Alliance on Mental Illness defines an evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment as a course of action that has undergone academic or scientific research. The exercise has been replicated and proven effective in at least two or more studies.

For instance, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most well-known and frequently used types of evidence-based substance abuse treatment. Today, CBT has also been modified with Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Teaching clients to be present in the moment and help them develop healthy coping mechanisms for stress, strong emotions, and interpersonal conflicts is one of the main focuses of this approach. The guide goes into more detail about other approaches, such as exposure therapy, medication assisted therapy, and holistic forms of therapy.

As practices in behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment become more scrutinized, the staff at Exclusive Hawaii has been known for decades to be among the most proactive and respected rehab facilities nationwide. With accreditations that include JCAHO (the Joint Commission), CARF, and NAATP, among others, they have become a treatment institution that others turn to as an example or the ‘gold standard.’ With complimentary articles on medication-assisted treatment and process addiction treatment options, their team has fleshed out additional instances of using the best and most researched practices to help clients achieve lasting, positive outcomes.

The second article on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) acknowledges that addiction's agonizing pain can be difficult to endure. The scars that are left behind when people develop a substance abuse disorder can also last a lifetime. Fortunately, treatment with medication support frequently helps. MAT medications used when desired for detox help with the discomfort of withdrawal and to provide relief during the post-acute withdrawal phase. Notably, this procedure involves the use of specific prescription drugs.

Currently, there are three types of medication-assisted therapy that have FDA approval. These strategies include opioid withdrawal treatment with methadone maintenance programs. Buprenorphine is another option to help people avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and prevent cravings in later stages of recovery. The third option, Naltrexone, differs slightly. Clients must hold off on receiving this medication for eight to ten days after their last opioid use (before receiving a monthly injection of it).

The final article covers treatment for process addiction, which is a little different because it deals with problematic and compulsive behaviors like excessive shopping and gambling. Process addiction treatment frequently involves psychotherapy combined with behavioral modifications. Treatment plans may also include techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy, which aims to teach patients how to control unhelpful beliefs and swap them out for constructive alternatives. In therapy, patients discover and learn to avoid relapse triggers, investigate the causes and effects of their addiction, and create healthy coping mechanisms for cravings and urges, which are effective means of treating compulsive behavioral addictions.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab was established in 2003 and is a private, high-end facility that specializes in drug and alcohol treatment. It is ideally situated on Hawaii's Big Island, which is known as ‘the healing island.’ The facility is located on a tranquil and breathtaking cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and this setting creates an atmosphere that aids in the treatment they offer to clients.

A man finds insights and recovery with evidence based addiction treatment at the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab


Those who are just starting their road to addiction recovery can really benefit from being in a secure and encouraging environment. The clinic’s holistic, non-12-step rehab can be tailored to each patient to meet individual needs and preferences. It is a comprehensive and well-organized pathway that is aimed at recovery that enables patients to be finally free from their addiction.

To learn more about the services offered at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, interested parties may visit Exclusive Hawaii Rehab’s official website or contact them directly via phone or email.


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