Love Hate Inu Crypto Presale Raises $1.5m, Less Than 48 Hours Before Price Increase

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New vote-to-earn project Love Hate Inu ($LHINU) has raised $1.5 million through its presale with just over one day remaining before its next price increase.

This vote-to-earn meme coin is currently priced at $0.000090, but Stage 2 of the presale is nearly sold out. The price is planned to increase 5.55% to $0.000095 as the presale moves to Stage 3.

Love Hate Inu has found success not only in its fundraising drive, but also in crypto media. The project has gained 35,000 Twitter followers and been featured on sites like Business2Community, Crypto News, and Bitcoinist since its presale launched.

Potential 70% return for presale investors

Love Hate Inu launched with an initial token price of $0.000085 and is expected to end at a price of $0.000145. That means early investors in $LHINU will earn unrealized gains of 70% even before the token is listed for trading on exchanges.

Once it does list, early investors could reap even bigger gains. Many meme coins have exploded in price during their initial exchange offerings. Some analysts believe Love Hate Inu could earn 10x returns once this coin hits the open market.

Over the long-term, there’s even greater potential for $LHINU. Shiba Inu, a similar doge-themed meme coin, has gained more than 7 million percent since it launched in 2020. A number of investors watching Love Hate Inu have claimed that Love Hate Inu could be the next Shiba Inu.

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Vote-to-earn brings utility to this meme coin

What makes Love Hate Inu fundamentally different from existing meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu is that it offers utility for token holders.

Love Hate Inu enables users to vote on the most controversial topics of the day, from political figures like Donald Trump to the latest memes. Users must stake $LHINU in order to cast a vote and all poll results are recorded to the blockchain. This prevents votes from being changed or manipulated.

In addition, Love Hate Inu users earn rewards when they vote. The result is a feedback mechanism by which Love Hate Inu users can vote, earn, and then vote again during the next poll.

The platform’s surveys are designed to breed virality while providing deep insight into what the community thinks about a wide range of topics. Example polls ask how users feel about Andrew Tate and Elon Musk. Caricatures of these celebrities show off how fun Love Hate Inu is for users to be a part of.

The more shareable the polls and results, the wider the potential reach of Love Hate Inu in mainstream online channels.

Customizable rewards offer future opportunities

Love Hate Inu rewards aren’t only limited to $LHINU tokens. The platform’s development team aims to develop partnerships with major brands and up-and-coming metaverse projects. These platforms can get feedback while Love Hate Inu users receive unique digital rewards such as NFTs.

At the same time, the Love Hate Inu treasury will earn revenue from these partnerships. Those funds can be used to buy and burn $LHINU, pushing up the value of this token for all investors.

Right now, the online survey industry is worth an estimated $3.2 billion. Love Hate Inu plans to take on the biggest incumbents in this industry and offer an innovative solution that leads to better results.

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Presale offers 90% of $LHINU supply to the public

With the Love Hate Inu presale, the team behind this project is sending a strong signal that it will be in the hands of its community. The presale is making 90% of the total supply of 100 billion $LHINU tokens available to the public.

This is important for several reasons.

First, users must stake $LHINU for a minimum of 30 days in order to vote. A user’s voting power is proportional to the amount of $LHINU they stake. By releasing the vast majority of the token supply directly to users, Love Hate Inu is ensuring that institutional investors and crypto whales don’t have an outsized sway on the ecosystem.

This massive presale is also significant because it means that a rug pull is nearly impossible. The development team doesn’t hold a huge trove of tokens and isn’t beholden to greedy venture capitalists. The development team wins when the Love Hate Inu ecosystem comes to fruition and the value of the token rises.

How to buy $LHINU during the presale

Since Love Hate Inu is selling 90% of its token supply during the presale, it’s simple for anyone to buy $LHINU. Investors can visit the presale site and purchase $LHINU with ETH, BNB or USDT.

There is no mandatory vesting period for $LHINU tokens purchased during the presale. This means that investors will receive 100% of their purchased tokens prior to $LHINU being listed on any exchanges.

Love Hate Inu is an innovative crypto project that’s bringing voting onto the blockchain. It has enormous potential to disrupt the existing online polling industry and could grow rapidly as the go-to polling platform for new metaverse projects.

Check out the presale today before Stage 2 sells out and the price of Love Hate Inu increases.

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