Dependable Homebuyers Answers Question About How They Determine Their Offer Prices

Baltimore, MD - Dependable Homebuyers, a Baltimore based We Buy Houses company, would like to announce that they have recently answered a question from a homeowner requesting more details on how Dependable Homebuyers determines their offer price. The question came from a homeowner in the Druid Hill neighborhood and they had a brick row home that they were looking to sell. Those with a Baltimore property that they are looking to sell can learn more at

The home offer process is very straightforward. They look at the location of the property, what repairs or remodeling is required, the present condition of the property, and values of comparable houses recently sold nearby. They take many pieces of information into consideration, then we come up with a fair price that they think works for both the buyer and the seller.

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"We take time to fully investigate each property we put an offer on in Baltimore. We look at the location, the amount of work required to get it back in shape, and other houses recently sold in the area," states Dependable Homebuyers. "We then come up with an offer price that works for us and works for you too."

When looking at the home's brick exterior, they advised that while bricks are not cheap by any means, their landscaping also plays an important role when determining the value of a house. When potential buyers drive down Druid Hill Avenue or North Ave., they want to see well-maintained homes with clean sidewalks and nicely trimmed lawns. By maintaining their home's exterior, homeowners can increase its curb appeal by thousands of dollars.

They look to see how many other homes have sold in the area within a certain time period. They also compare these sales prices to other similar homes that are currently on the market. It is also important for us to note what kind of condition these homes were in when they got their sale price, which if they were repaired, updated or had some remodeling done to them, it will affect the sales price.

"We take a lot of time looking at these other sales and it makes a big difference. We try to put our offer price somewhere in between those two numbers, but if the house is really bad, we have to go lower," says Dependable Homebuyers. "We try not to be too far from market value though because then there's no reason for people to choose us over another realtor that's going to give them their asking price."

People can also ask Dependable Homebuyers what they think about a particular property after they've seen it by their reaction when viewing the property. Details about what they are looking for in a property can be found at They will tell potential buyers how much work they believe a house needs or if a homeowner has done any improvements or remodeling without telling them. It is hard for people to hide major issues and it is easy for them to figure out.

"We want people to come to us if they're having a hard time selling their house, we don't want to go hunting for properties," the salesperson stated. "If you have a nice house in the Druid Hill Ave area, 100% of our visitors are going to be interested so those homes won't last long at all."

Dependable Homebuyers is not looking for renovations or repairs, but if there are issues with the home needing immediate attention this can sometimes result in a lower offer price. We Buy Houses companies are not real estate agents. Dependable Homebuyers does not share information with any other third party or company unless the seller gives them permission.

Once a price has been negotiated and agreed upon by all parties involved, then Dependable Homebuyers will arrange a time that is convenient for everyone to meet at the property where they will inspect it visually. If there are no issues found after this inspection, then they would present a formal offer with a contract. This is not the only step though, as there are lots of things to consider such as appraisal and title companies before closing can take place.

If a reader has further questions regarding how Dependable Homebuyers determines their offers, please contact them at (443) 266-6247.


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