New opportunities arise as Blockchain Insurance Global takes over Bitcoin to kickstart the second half of the bull market

The bull market has shown its first sign of volatility recently. Blockchain technology has been around for more than ten years – now it is time for a new technology and a new ecosystem model that will truly leverage on blockchain to empower society.

2020 can be regarded as an important turning point for blockchain technology. At the end of the year, due to the superimposition of various factors, we saw major institutional funds entering the digital currency market. In just a month, skyrocketing bitcoin prices has taken over the headlines of major news sections. With the continuous efforts of practitioners, blockchain technology has brought new possibilities for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The insurance industry is a good example, achieving rapid development as a result of the benefits brought about by blockchain technology in settlement processes. Blockchain Insurance Global (BIG) was not left out and in 2020, the company had ensured that its development direction is in line with the needs of the times and the market, and has seen its userbase grown rapidly, achieving impressive results in a very short time.

The "safety belt" of the World

BIG is the world's leading customizable and extensible; blockchain, Internet of Things and AI-based insurance ecosystem. BIG seeks to build a decentralized insurance management and insurance trading market, and ensures efficient operation through a series of economic mechanisms. The company strives to become the underlying infrastructure of the insurance management industry in the burgeoning blockchain era.
Its experienced team includes actuaries, risk managers, and top professionals in the fields of insurance, investments, statistics, and big data. The team’s superior working abilities and first-class work experience and background lays a strong foundation for BIG and will push BIG towards the right development direction in 2021.

A New token Era

Blockchain has brought us a new standard of money, and holding high-quality digital currencies has become the most important way to financial freedom. In order to allow users holding BIG tokens to reap the huge dividends brought by the digital age, the BIG platform has decided to change the original deposit method from USDT to BIG token deposit.

The change in the deposit method was necessitated by results from a market analysis done by the team. When more users hold BIG tokens and use them for deposit, purchasing insurance coverage will become a lot more convenient. Customers who need to be insured on the BIG platform will already need to purchase BIG tokens for the settlement of various fees on the platform. As such, BIG tokens will flow between the platform and users, and with a scarcity in circulating supply of BIG in the market, the value of BIG tokens will continue to rise, attracting more investors into the ecosystem, thus creating a high-quality circulation of BIG tokens.

In 2020, BIG has completed the transition period of the digital transformation of the ecosystem, and 2021 will begin the era of a new BIG insurance and financial ecosystem. The BIG team will formulate new development strategies and lay out concrete plans to lay claims on the market of the upcoming digital economy. In the future, the BIG ecosystem will not be limited to the insurance industry. The group plans to expand the overall ecosystem, so that users holding BIG tokens have more applications and services to utilize their tokens, with the ultimate goal of providing a holistic and comprehensive ecosystem for all users.

With the advent of the global digital era and the advent of the Bitcoin bull market, blockchain technology will continue its rapid development in the next 10 years and BIG will gradually increase investments into its technology and ecosystem construction and enable BIG tokens to be the only token for circulation. BIG, backed by large global insurance groups and countless insured users, will thrive and eventually take over the second half of Bitcoin's bullish momentum in this bull market.
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