Rob Alverson Shares Insight into How He is Revolutionizing Nightlife with Mad Money ATMs

NASHVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / November 25, 2020 / Right now, in Nashville, Tennessee, one man is revolutionizing the city's nightlife scene and is on track to change the way fast money operates in cities nationwide. Rob Alverson is the founder of Mad Money ATMs, a company that provides Nashville businesses with ATMs at no charge to them. With the hope of expansion soon, Alverson is not only working to grow his own business but is also providing opportunities for growth to businesses all throughout the city of Nashville.

With Mad Money ATMs, businesses in Nashville are able to provide the option of an ATM to their customers without spending a dime. The process of these ATMs is set up so that people who use the ATM will also pay a small surcharge that goes to Mad Money ATMs. Alverson explained the company's process with the following example: "It's essentially recycling cash. Someone withdraws $20 from a machine and that $20 along with the surcharge fee gets sent to [Mad Money]," explains Alverson. The profits received by Alverson's company, then, is what is used to maintain already existing machines and keep up with the increased demand for new businesses.

Not only does Alverson enjoy the success he has been seeing with this company, but he also enjoys the value he can provide to other businesses. "Having an ATM in a business can allow them to go cash only or simply increase their foot traffic by having a machine," shared Alverson. "Also, I love the idea of passive income, essentially having our machines do the work for us." Operating in areas that see a high volume of people, Alverson's machines are usually found in bars and restaurants throughout Nashville's nightlife, but they are also found at gas stations, barbershops, and other small businesses.

Rob Alverson grew up in the city of Nashville and has had an affection for the city since he moved from Detroit as a child. With a knack for entrepreneurship, Alverson has pursued many different entrepreneurial ventures in his life to this point and, through trial and error, found success with Mad Money ATMs at age 25. "Be patient and consistent and understand it doesn't happen overnight. Step outside your comfort zone." These were the tips Alverson shared for how he stayed determined and dedicated to his career goals, but also what he recommends other aspiring entrepreneurs do.

Currently in the middle of the company's most successful year-to-date - during a global pandemic nonetheless - Alverson is expecting even better revenue in 2021 along with potential expansion outside of Nashville. Three years into his venture with Mad Money ATMs, Alverson has overcome rejection and his own self-doubt and replaced the negative energies in his life with a strong support system and a clear vision. Now, the young entrepreneur is poised to revolutionize small business nightlife nationwide.

Learn more about Mad Money ATMs here, and follow the brain behind the company, Rob Alverson, on Instagram.


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