Lexington Cataract Surgery Clinic Updates Treatments And Moves To New Location

Lexington, KY based Medical Vision Institute is pleased to offer several premium options for cataract surgery. Cataracts can cause hazy, foggy vision, glares, halos around lights, and other vision decreasing symptoms. Fortunately, cataracts can be removed in a quick, safe procedure performed by Dr. Jitander Dudee at the Lexington Surgery Center. Medical Vision offers premium alternatives for the surgery, including astigmatism correction and multi focal lenses. In lieu of a conventional lens implant, a multi focal lens may be placed inside the eye during surgery to allow for both near and distant vision, which helps to eliminate the need for glasses. Another option for better vision is astigmatism correction using a Limbal Relaxing Incision (LRI) procedure. After cataract surgery, Dr. Dudee will make small, painless incisions to rotate the cornea and reduce astigmatism. These premium options can be added to the usual cataract surgery to help each patient achieve optimal vision.

It should be noted that more than 25 million Americans develop cataracts every year. The Lexington cataract surgery options will be offered to patients and reviewed with them during their cataract surgery scheduling appointment set up by Medical Vision, when a team member will be available to answer all their questions.

"I was so uninformed, as so many people are, about what cataracts are and what your treatment options are," explains Cheryl Ladd, 'Charlie's Angels'. "My husband had the surgery ... and he literally said to me, 'I don't know why I didn't do this sooner.' [...] Sometimes it happens so gradually that you don't realize [you're] not seeing well."

Meanwhile, the Medical Vision Institute is proud to have provided laser treatment for Lexington residents for over two decades. The clinic excels in providing top-quality eye care, for dilated eye exams, vision exams for glasses and contacts, refractive correction procedures, painless surgeries, and even laser treatment. MVI is home to advanced laser equipment used in the treatment of glaucoma, secondary cataracts, diabetic retinal abnormalities, retinal tears, dry eye, and more. These procedures are conducted in office and are performed by Dr. Dudee in just minutes. Numbing drops are administered to eliminate discomfort prior to procedures so they are all pain-free. People are encouraged to schedule their exam as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities with Dr. Dudee and staff. Those looking for information on cataract surgery cost arrangements are encouraged to contact the clinic as soon as possible.

"The office location is convenient and staff is very friendly," says Tom, a Medical Vision patient. "But most importantly, Dr. Dudee is extraordinarily thorough. Just this week, he checked my eyes and made a recommendation that has made a big difference in my vision. He also took the time to explain his diagnosis and what I should do. I also noticed that he has the latest, most-modern equipment in his office. It takes the latest and best equipment to support any doctor, and it was clear to me that he has that advantage."

Also, the Medical Vision Institute is excited to announce that they now offer free consultations for HDSA, a safer, affordable alternative to LASIK. Those who cannot undergo LASIK surgery but are still aching for clear, lens-free vision are encouraged to get in touch with Medical Vision Institute, which offers free consultations for High Definition Surface Ablation (HDSA). This is a procedure where an excimer laser is used to reshape the cornea and help eliminate the need for glasses or contacts. Numbing drops are administered beforehand, ensuring the patient's comfort during the 30 minute procedure. This technique is similar to LASIK, but safer for people with thin corneas, high prescriptions, and active lifestyles, and is trademarked by Dr. Dudee himself. HDSA provides several benefits, including lower rates of surgical complications, increased safety, and the availability to treat a greater range of prescriptions.

"Medical Vision Institute truly does it all and makes you feel cared for from the moment you arrive," says Anne, a Medical Vision patient. "Dr. Dudee and his professional staff are kind and courteous and get you right in with very little waiting time. The doctor is highly educated and trained in the most current laser surgery techniques. He is an artist when it comes to upper and lower eyelid surgery. Absolute perfection. I would not trust my eyes to anyone else."

Finally, the Medical Vision Institute is excited to announce the relocation of their business from Huguenard Drive to 181 Prosperous Place. People are encouraged to come visit the spacious new location conveniently located by Richmond Road and Man O War Boulevard off Blazer Parkway. MVI made the transition to the beautiful new office in December 2017 and is loving it. Medical Vision recently acquired three Horsemania 2000 horses who welcome patients by the entrance.


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