How to Plan the Ultimate Ice Cream Party

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Did you know National Ice Cream Day is celebrated every third Sunday in July? Of course, eating ice cream is always fun at any time of the year, and you might want to throw an ice cream party for friends, family, colleagues, or clients.

But how can you plan the ultimate ice cream party? If you get the details right, your guests could be raving about your amazing ice cream social for years to come. While it may seem simple, there is actually a lot to consider when organizing an ice cream party, and we’re going to look at some of the most important factors to take into account.

Let’s dive in and find out more.

Consider How Much Ice Cream You’ll Need

This may seem like an obvious thing to consider, but it’s easy to get this step wrong. After you decide how many people you’re inviting to your party, you need to make sure you order enough ice cream. If you underestimate the amount required, you could run out of ice cream and leave your guests disappointed.

To avoid this scenario, you can use several tricks to help you order the correct quantity of ice cream. For example, if the weather forecast is showing it is going to be especially hot on the day of your event, you may want to buy extra ice cream. Also, if there is not going to be any other food at your party, you might want to have a reserve stock of ice cream available for your guests.

Ordering bulk ice cream can help you keep costs low if you’re catering to a large group of people.

Create an Exciting Ice Cream Menu

The most enjoyable part of planning an ice cream social is choosing the menu. With so many options available, you can pick different types of ice cream treats and flavors that will suit every palate.

This could include serving ice cream cones, bars, or popsicles. It’s also possible to order themed popsicles that look like cartoon characters and to provide ice cream sundaes and ice cream sandwiches.

In addition, there is a virtually unlimited range of flavors. You could offer traditional vanilla-flavored ice cream, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate flavors, refreshing tangy lemon ice cream, and just about any other flavor you can imagine.

However, you don’t want to make the mistake of only ordering flavors that you like, and you might want to ask others for their opinions. This can help you create a well-rounded ice cream menu that will appeal to all your guests.

Add Tasty Extras

While ice cream will be the main food at your event, there’s no reason you can’t provide some tasty extras. In fact, this is something that’s encouraged!

For example, you can have an enormous number of toppings for guests to choose from, including flavored sauces such as chocolate, strawberry, fudge, or caramel. You could also have a range of flavored sprinkles for party-goers to add to their ice creams. Or, why not have a selection of chocolate and candy chunks that people could choose from when creating their ideal ice cream treat?

You might also decide to provide small foods such as pretzels, mini donuts, and brownies. These won’t be too filling but can give guests another option if they have already enjoyed ice cream and would like to try something different.

Again, the key is to provide enough of a selection so that all of your guests can choose treats that they can savour throughout the day.

Hire Ice Cream Equipment

One of the most important considerations is making sure you have the right ice cream equipment for your party. If not, your ice cream could melt and quickly leave you without anything to serve to guests.

It may not be practical to keep your ice cream in a freezer and your supplies, such as cones and napkins, in cupboards. This can be a lot of hassle and make it challenging to cater to your guests.

This is why you should think about hiring ice cream carts or ice cream trucks for parties. If you have professional equipment, you can have confidence your ice cream will stay at the right temperature even if the heat rises during the day. There are also several additional advantages to using carts and trucks.

For example, you can place a cart in a shaded area to help the server stay safe in the sun. A cart will also come with an umbrella for extra protection.

If your venue is large, having an ice cream truck at your disposal can be a superb solution. The driver can safely travel around and park at various locations, making it easy for every guest to get an ice cream.

It may also be possible to brand your hired ice cream equipment, allowing you to promote your business or a good cause. This can be a great way to raise awareness while your guests are having an enjoyable time at your event.

Decide Who Will Serve Ice Cream to Guests

When your partygoers start to arrive, you need to be ready to serve them exquisite ice cream. It can be a lot of fun to do this personally, as you’ll get to practice scooping ice cream into a cone while you chat with your guests. You may find your cart becomes the focal point of your event with people gathering around, enjoying good company while eating ice cream.

Alternatively, you may have other responsibilities such as meeting and greeting guests. In this scenario, you can hire a professional to look after everyones’ ice cream needs. This can make it easier for you to mingle with partygoers and ensure your event is running smoothly.

No matter which option you prefer, you should only hire the best ice cream catering services for your party. A top-class company will be able to provide you with high-quality ice cream equipment. They will also supply staff if you would like a professional to serve your guests.

This can give you peace of mind that you’ll have everything you need to make your event a huge success.

Have Ice Cream Themed-Games

There are plenty of ice cream party ideas you can use to entertain your guests. For example, you could have an ice cream-themed scavenger hunt where guests have to find items such as spoons, scoops, and sauces that are hidden around your venue. Whoever collects all the objects first could win a giant ice cream as a prize.

Or, you can challenge partygoers to take part in an ice cream blind taste test. This is an easy game to set up, as all you need are a variety of ice cream flavors and a blindfold. If some of your guests have a big appetite, you could even have an ice cream eating contest.

This can be a fun way to add a bit of friendly competition to your ice cream social and keep your guests amused during your event.

Make Tidying Up Easy

It may not be something you want to think about, but you’ll need to tidy up after your ice cream party. One of the best ways to do this is to make it easy to clear up during the event. You won’t want your guests to be surrounded by discarded ice cream bar wrappers or bits of leftover ice cream cones, and it’s helpful to have waste containers located at strategic locations.

You can have trash cans at each entrance and exit, and also beside your ice cream cart or truck. Partygoers are also likely to appreciate it if you provide them with eco-friendly ways to dispose of trash. Therefore, you can supply different recycling bins for different types of waste.

While there will inevitably be some tidying up to do when people go home, this tip can make the process considerably less hassle.

Plan Your Awesome Ice Cream Party

You can throw an awesome ice cream party that will have guests asking when you’re organizing your next event. It’s vital to think about how much ice cream you’ll need and to plan a delicious menu that can cater to all tastes. You should also ensure you have the right ice cream equipment available and think about the easiest ways to tidy up after your party.

This will help you plan the best ice cream social event of the year!

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