Is Chat GPT Style AI Style Useful for HR Recruitment?

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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2023 -- ChatGPT is generative AI that is getting a lot of airtime right now. It's worth prefacing any conversation about the technology by pointing out that it has made a number of very well publicised mistakes - but it's not the only AI of its kind to have done so. This new technology is bound to have a teething phase where the kinks get ironed out. But what can be achieved with it could prove to be incredibly useful in areas like HR Recruitment, and beyond. ChatGPT can be applied wherever there is a need for language - copywriting has so far been where it has had the most exposure, whether for news websites or creating documents. When it comes to HR Recruitment this type of AI style potentially has a lot to add.

What is generative AI and what can it do?

Essentially, a ChatGPT style generative AI will learn language by trying to predict the next word in a sentence. It ploughs through datasets on the internet and learns the statistics on the internet in order to be able to do this. The predictive quality that it has makes it a good option for suggesting ideas - though this isn't going to be new or original thought. These are some of the ways in which ChatGPT style AI could be useful for HR and HR Recruitment, going forward:

- Creating policy documents. HR tasks like this that require a lot of manual effort can be speeded up with ChatGPT - though as an AI basically has no conscience, human ethics will also need to be applied.

- Screening applicants. This type of AI can be used to sort through applications received and vet based on suitability criteria, potentially automating a previously time-consuming HR Recruitment process.

- Seeking out applicants. Sourcing out applicants based on their previous experience and how this aligns with a particular role is another area where this AI could make a contribution.

- Improving diversity in recruitment. Generative AI is already being used to research how a range of people think and speak about their careers - with the goal of using it to make careers in specific sectors more accessible to underrepresented groups.

Diversity is something that Leathwaite has made a priority. While we have yet to employ the skills of an AI to help with this, it has been a key focus for the organisation to understand and improve the internal makeup of the business to ensure that it becomes more diverse and inclusive. The team's data-centric approach has been evident here - and the latest figures show a staff breakdown that is 62% female among Leathwaite employees and 51% female among consultants, directors and partners. A committed approach to diversity is also something that Leathwaite has applied to the way that clients are supported. Most organisations today have acknowledged the benefits of more diverse and inclusive teams. Being a global leader in HR Recruitment and executive search for corporate functions has given Leathwaite the knowledge and experience to create diverse candidate shortlists that clients value highly.

Leathwaite is known as a globally resourced specialist in executive and retained search for senior positions that have the potential to be hugely impactful for any organisation. HR leadership roles feature highly among these, from Chief People Officers to Chief HR Officers and those who are going to lead the way in terms of leadership and learning, culture, diversity, equality and inclusion. HR Recruitment to fill these key roles for organisations has been a core specialism for the team at Leathwaite, as this remains such a critical business function sector-wide. HR leaders are the people who will guide a company through transformations, periods of growth and spikes in change, such as mergers and acquisitions. Having the right people at the helm can make all the difference to the way any organisation navigates choppier seas. Today, Leathwaite has more than 100 staff working across six global locations, providing a comprehensive network of HR Recruitment and delivering the firm's exceptional services on a global scale. The depth of knowledge and experience at the firm ensures it can repeatedly deliver - more than 20 years in finding C-suite level permanent - and interim - leadership solutions, in HR roles and beyond.

About Leathwaite
Leathwaite was founded in 1999 to support clients on a global basis and remains the world's leading executive search firm for corporate functions. Key to this has been the focus on agility and being able to adapt and be responsive to changing conditions.

Leathwaite has 20+ years experience in partnering with leaders to support effective finance recruitment of the best, and most diverse, talent. The team has expertise across a broad spectrum of finance recruitment that includes corporate and transaction banking, as well as insurance and insuretech, asset and wealth management and roles in FinTech and payments.

Private equity is another key area of finance recruitment growth, which Leathwaite have been able to provide award-winning support in an ultra-competitive market so that businesses have access to the best possible leadership and all the value that can create going forward.

Finance recruitment is a priority for any organisation today, because of the huge impact that leadership can make. Successful finance recruitment requires an extensive network of global connections, something that the firm has been able to cultivate since it was first established in 1999 and today Leathwaite has multiple locations across North America, Asia and EMEA.

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